Christmas Storage in Crewe

For many retail companies in and around the Crewe area, Christmas is the busiest time of the year. Customers are looking for gifts for friends, family, and loved ones and are traditionally more prepared to spend money than they might be throughout the rest of the calendar. While this is good news for both online and high-street retailers in terms of sales and profits, it can cause problems with their stock.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at how using a dedicated commercial storage unit to hold your excess stock can help you manage your business during the run-up to Christmas and ensure a more productive and streamlined experience.

Switch up seasonal stock

If you sell seasonal goods around the year, you don’t want tents, garden furniture, barbecues, and other summertime products taking up valuable floor space during the Christmas rush. A commercial storage unit in Crewe gives you somewhere to store your non-winter stock safely over the coming months, freeing up room in-store or at your order fulfilment centre for Christmas items that you know will sell.

Protect your Christmas stock

It can be tempting to pile your seasonal stock from floor to ceiling, knowing that it’s going to be sold and out the door before you know it. However, having too cramped a retail environment can cause accidents, particularly during a Christmas rush. Shoppers aren’t concentrating on much when they’re on a festive spree; they just want to get in and out. This means they might not pay attention and potentially knock over and break your stock, causing a significant loss for you and your business.

Make a better shopping experience

Freeing up space on your shop floor makes life easier and more pleasant for your customers. Nobody wants to shop in a cramped and overcrowded environment. By putting your excess stock into storage, you give your customers more freedom to browse, potentially leading to more sales.

Give the image of scarcity

If you have hundreds of the same item on your shop floor, you might be surprised that the numbers don’t go down. It’s nothing to do with the quality of the product; it’s just that people feel they don’t need to buy it now since there are loads available. Promote a more impulsive shopping strategy by keeping smaller amounts of stock in-store and moving the rest to storage. People are more likely to buy if they think there’s a chance they might miss out, and you can access your storage unit whenever you like to top up your supplies.

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