New Year – New You – Decluttering your office for 2022

Many companies see the start of a new year as the perfect time to reorganise their office and who can blame them?

With Christmas over, the first few weeks of a new year is often slow for a whole range of businesses. Rather than let that free time go to waste, you can make the most of it by rearranging your office space to become more effective.

Renting a storage unit is a great way to go about this and here are some of the reasons why:

Document Storage

Despite advances in digital storage, whatever line of business you’re in, you’re bound to have some sort of paperwork lying around as hard copies. This could be anything from logbook accounts and company guidance to employee records and proprietary information. Whatever form this paperwork takes, it is using up valuable space in your office. With a commercial storage unit, you can relocate that paperwork somewhere safe and secure, where it can be held until you need it.

Furniture and equipment

Since the national lock-downs of 2020 and 2021, many businesses have embraced working from home and hybrid working. This means fewer members of staff in the office at any one time, which also means a lot of your office equipment and furniture is standing idle. By putting it into a commercial storage facility, you can free up space for your team.

Making space count

If you transfer your paper files and unused furniture and equipment to a storage unit, you’ll be amazed how much space it gives you. Where you once had an archive room filled with filing cabinets, you have the freedom to turn it into a meeting room, a training room, or a break-out area. With unused desks and chairs out of the equation, you can introduce that open-plan layout you always wanted, improving staff morale and productivity into the bargain.

Safe and secure

Traditionally paperwork and equipment were kept on-site for security reasons, as well as practical requirements. Holding important items in your place of work allowed you to keep a careful eye on them yourself. With a dedicated commercial storage facility, you have peace of mind that security is taken care of. At the Weston Centre, for instance, we have fully alarmed facilities, staff on site and round-the-clock CCTV surveillance.

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