Document Archiving Facilities in Crewe

Any business involves its fair share of paperwork, from simple invoices and receipts to health and safety documents and risk assessments to employee appraisals, audits, and more. While most companies keep a digital record of these documents, many keep paper records as hard copies to mitigate against any catastrophic electronic fault that might result in the loss of this essential information.

Of course, all that paperwork soon builds up, even for a small business, and you need to put it somewhere safe and secure. While keeping it in your office might seem like an obvious solution, it only takes up valuable space that could be put to more effective use.

Commercial Storage for Your Business Documents

The answer is simple: hire a commercial storage unit in Crewe and use it as an archive for all your important documentation. Self-storage units, such as the ones we have at Weston Centre Business Hub, are available in a wide range of sizes, so it should be no trouble finding one suitable for your particular requirements.

These are some of the top reasons businesses choose an off-site document archive solution over storing their paperwork in the workplace.

Benefits of renting a storage unit for archiving documents

More Space

As we’ve briefly mentioned, archiving your documents in a commercial storage unit frees up plenty of extra room at your office. This can be put to better use for the day-to-day running of your business. Turn your current storage room into an extra meeting room, a training location, more office space for your growing workforce, or a break-out room for your current staff.



While you should have certain security measures in place at your office, is there anything stopping a member of staff from accessing your written records? How about your security team or your cleaning crew? Most corporate paperwork contains personal or proprietary information that should only be seen by select people. Moving that paperwork off-site helps protect that information.

Safe and Secure

Your document archive is a hard copy of your various business dealings, so you want to ensure it will be kept safe both from potential thieves and environmental risks such as water damage. With a commercial storage unit, the site is covered by round-the-clock CCTV surveillance, and you keep the key to the unit. These units are also well protected against the elements, dry, safe & secure.

Easy to Access

Of course, you will need to add to your archive as the years go by, which means being able to access it at your convenience. Our commercial storage facility in Crewe gives you free access to your own unit. This means you can add, retrieve and remove documents as required. We also have an on-site confidential shredding service available.

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