Five great uses for a personal storage unit

10 sq ft – 250 sq ft

Of all the services we offer our customers here at the Weston Centre Business Hub, our personal self-storage units are among the most popular. It isn’t difficult to see why, since they can be put to whole range of uses.

Here are some of the ways our customers have made the most of their self-storage units in Crewe.

Moving Home or Office

This is probably the most common reason people hire one of our self-storage units. While it can be tempting to move everything to your new home in one day, using a personal storage facility makes life so much easier 🙂 It means you can transfer your belongings a little bit at a time, so you’re not overwhelmed. Not to mention you can get your new pad fully-decorated before stocking it to the gills with your belongings!

Home Extensions and Renovation

Renovations and home extensions are both great ways to add space and value to your home. Whether you hire a contractor for the job or decide to do it yourself, you will need to make room for tools, materials and workers. While you could cram everything into the rest of the rooms in your home, it could be easier for you – not to mention more comfortable – to make use of one of our self-storage units.

Hobbies and Interests

A lot of us have hobbies that tend to take up a lot of room. From fishing and model trains, to record collecting and painting, there is only so much space at home to contain it all. Our personal storage units in Crewe offer you a way to happily expand your collection, without having to fund a house extension to accommodate it all.

House Clearance

There are times when you need to clear a house as quickly as possible. It may be that you have recently lost a loved one, or you and your partner have split up and are selling your home. In such circumstances, there isn’t always time to filter through a lifetime of belongings. Putting them into storage to organise at a later date is an ideal solution.

Student Living

Getting to and from your student digs can be difficult if you have a long way to travel. Unfortunately, many landlords and Halls of Residence won’t let you keep your belongings there between years. Self-storage units in Crewe are a cost-effective and convenient place to store your belongings for students at many local universities and colleges.

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