Flexible Commercial Storage for Christmas Stock

For many companies, The few weeks from the end of November to the start of the new year are the busiest in their calendar. This is certainly true for small businesses and online sellers, who can find demand for their products skyrocketing in the run up to Christmas, as customers look for something different that they can’t find in high street stores.

Of course, more orders means getting in more stock and sending out more parcels to your valued customers and this can leave some companies in a pickle. If you’re a home business, you might not have the room to keep all your stock. If you have another job as well as your retail business, you may not always be around to sign for orders or have the time to pack up deliveries.

Fortunately, you can side-step all these potential problems and more, with a commercial storage unit. Here at the Weston Centre, we help dozens of small businesses in Crewe and the surrounding area manage their workload and stock levels more effectively over the festive season. Here’s how we do it:

Storage Space

An obvious one to start with, but probably the most important. Having a dedicated space to store your seasonal stock can be a real help with keeping on top of your workload. We can provide short-term storage contracts to see you through the winter months, allowing you plenty of room to keep your stock in one handy place for easy access and inventorying.

Room to Work

Our commercial storage units are more than just holding bays for stock. You can set up a mini office in there to handle your admin, tables to sort out and pack up your orders, and more. This means you can concentrate on shipping your products from a single space, without worrying about transporting your goods from supplier to storage, to home, to the post office, and so on.

Inbound and Outbound Deliveries

At the Weston Centre, we have our own on-site administrative staff to help you with your shipping and deliveries. If you’re not available to accept an order, we can sign for you and leave the items in your storage unit for your convenience. Likewise, if you’ve packed up a run of orders, you can leave them with our team to be dispatched during the daily postal collection.

Christmas Still to Come

While some customers only use our services over Christmas, many choose to extend their short-term contract into something more substantial. After all, next Christmas will soon be here. Why not rebuild your stock in January and through the year as attractive offers show up?

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