Home and Office Renovations Made Easy with Self-Storage

With spring just around the corner, it’s a popular time for individuals and businesses to plan their big renovation, refurbishment, and redecoration projects. One of the biggest hurdles to overcome with these types of projects is working around the furniture, equipment, and other belongings without damaging them. A simple and effective solution to that problem, of course, is to use a dedicated self-storage facility.
In this article, we’re going to look at some of the ways a self-storage unit can benefit you while engaged in a major renovation project.

Keep your possessions safe

When renovating or refurbishing a property, it’s easy to accidentally damage items in the same room. Between sharp and heavy power tools, paints, varnishes, and adhesives, and the general moving around of your renovation team, accidents are bound to happen. Dust sheets, tarpaulins, and other safety measures will only go so far. Keep all your important belongings in perfect condition by putting them into a reliable self storage facility.

Give yourself room

The other key benefit of putting your items in storage is that you have more room to work. Whether you’re tackling the renovation on your own or hiring a contractor, you need the space for stepladders, power tools, building materials, and more. By putting your furniture and other belongings into storage, you give yourself that room, without having to compromise space in the rest of the property.

Keep your project moving

Often, a small renovation project can become something bigger. As you start getting into the swing of things, you might decide that you want to redo the whole house or office instead of just a single room. With a self-storage unit, it couldn’t be easier. When you finish one room, you can swap the contents of your unit with the items from the next room on your list. You get to watch your property gain its new look one room at a time.

Make the most of your property

Of course, just because you’ve completed your renovation doesn’t mean you have to give up the advantages of a self-storage solution. With your home or office completed to your satisfaction, do you really want to fill it with all your old belongings again? Sure, you probably need to bring your furniture, equipment, and other key items back, but you’ll be surprised how much you can do without on a day-to-day basis. For businesses, you can keep your non-essential paperwork in your storage unit, using it as a document archive or somewhere to store spare equipment and office furniture. If you’re a domestic customer, you have a wealth of options. Maybe you collect certain items; a storage unit is the perfect place to keep them safe and accessible without cluttering up your home. It’s also a great place to keep seasonal items like Christmas trees and decorations or garden furniture when not in use.

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