Light Industrial Units in Crewe

Here at Weston Centre Business Hub, we do all we can to support the wide variety of businesses that make use of our services. We work with companies from all industry sectors, providing them with bespoke storage solutions, serviced office rentals, and so much more.

Among the services we offer, our light industrial units are particularly popular, giving local Crewe businesses the chance to establish and grow their businesses without the hassle and expense of investing in their own property.

What is a light industrial unit?

There’s no hard-and-fast definition of a light industrial unit. In many ways, the term is a generic one, used to describe any unfurnished, open-plan space that can be fitted to meet the commercial needs of your business. Typically, they have a floor space of less than 120,000 square feet and lack interior walls, giving you plenty of room to install equipment, machinery, and other fixtures and fittings. While the word ‘industrial’ might make you think of manufacturing processes, light industrial units can be put to a wide variety of uses.

Who Makes use of a light industrial unit?

A light industrial unit is the perfect work environment for almost any kind of business. It is, in essence, a wide, open space that can act as a blank canvas for your company. While traditionally used by manufacturers, light industrial units are popular among many entrepreneurs and SMEs. These are some examples of business types that can make good use of a light industrial unit in Crewe:



storage of surplus stock

self storage

What are the advantages of a light industrial unit?


Light industrial units are built to an impressive scale, providing ample space to hold stock, install equipment, manage deliveries, and so on. They tend to look like large warehouses, with many of them having tall and wide front doors, which is all the better for accepting deliveries.


Here at Weston Centre Business Hub, your light industrial unit will also benefit from our round-the-clock CCTV surveillance, our in-house reception team, fire and intruder alarm systems. The unit itself is fitted with strong and reliable locks and is sturdily built to protect your assets.


When you hire a light industrial unit in Crewe, you’re getting a wide open space that you can fill in any way that suits you. They benefit from high ceilings for more efficient storage and extra wide doors for easy loading.


Our business hub offers light industrial units for rent in Crewe, which is a popular location for many North West businesses. Situated close to major transport links (including Crewe railway station) and with dedicated parking, the centre is easy to reach for your staff, customers, and delivery partners alike.

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