Making the most of a large storage space

What could you do with 1500 sq ft of storage space? That’s the size of one of our comercial units that has recently become available for rent. For the adventurous and forward-thinking client, a storage unit of this size offers a whole range of benefits…


Tenants in similar sized units, use this space to run an e-commerce company. It gives them plenty of space to keep and rotate stock, plus enough room to package and label their orders before sending them off for delivery. E-commerce firms also love the parcel receipt and dispatch bay for goods in/out as couriers can reverse straight up the indoor landing zone. Much easier than trying to dispatch parcels from the spare room at home!


Some companies use our storage facility to keep hold of overstock from their main retail outlet. It’s a popular approach by businesses that deal in seasonal goods, since there’s no sense in taking up valuable in-store space with singing reindeers and inflatable Santas in the middle of May, for instance. Keep the active stock near your shopfront, where you need it most, and relegate the rest to one of our commercial storage units.

Palletised goods

If you trade in palletised goods, then a large storage unit like this is ideal for your business. Not only is there plenty of room inside to stack your items, but the unit benefits from double width doors. We can even assist you with forklifting services for getting those pallets off the back of the truck, into your storage unit, and vice versa.

Archive material

While much corporate paperwork is digital these days, some companies still make use of hard copies and physical paperwork or, at least, they are obliged by law, or their industry regulator, to keep hold of such paperwork for a prescribed period. These archives, while crucial, take up a lot of space and are rarely touched except in the event of an audit or investigation. Many of our business clients use our storage units as a document archive, knowing their paperwork will be safe and secure until they need it.

Furniture and appliances

A great use for a large storage unit is to… well… store large items. If you’re selling or restoring vintage furniture, or selling white goods and appliances, you don’t just want to leave them in a shed or a garage. Not only is it taking up valuable space at home, those are hardly the best environments for keeping furniture or appliances in good condition. With a dedicated self storage unit you have plenty of space to keep your larger items and any future stock, all while keeping them safe from damp, dust, and the elements.

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