Success Unboxed: Real Stories from the Office, Commercial, & Storage Frontlines

At The Weston Centre Business Hub, we offer more than just business space; we provide a foundation for companies to succeed. Our versatile office, trade, and storage solutions have supported numerous businesses in their journey to success.

Scalable Office Spaces

Our office setups cater to various needs, from small start-ups to larger operations. Equipped with a range of amenities and facilities, such as free Wi-Fi/parking and 24-hour CCTV, our versatile offices ensure that companies can focus on what matters—running and growing their business. 

Magformers UK thrived thanks to our ability to combine a flexible office environment with additional warehouse space. Having both office and storage facilities together saved time, enhanced team communication, and improved overall operations. Conveniently located near the train station and nearby hotels, the space proved invaluable to their visiting clients. 

Don’t take our word for it! Here’s David from Magformers UK:

Having our office and storage based in the same location saves us so much time, has improved the communications between marketing and order fulfilment and ultimately has improved how we function.”

Flexible Trade Units

Our trade units are ideal for businesses requiring more than an office. Clients appreciate their accessibility and functionality, which enable smooth operations and customer service excellence. The central location improves connectivity, making it easier for businesses to manage logistics and distribution.

Paulina and Tom launched from home in January 2018, quickly outgrowing their space amid family life. A midnight online chat led to a viewing the next day, during which they were impressed by the range of flexible workspaces and supportive services like contactless delivery, mailboxes, and forklifting.

Paulina says:

“We loved the easy process to move in and the friendly, supportive atmosphere. We are really enjoying the workspace and the kids are super happy having gained some playspace back at home!”

Secure and Accessible Storage Solutions

Storage is a critical component for many businesses at the Weston Centre. Starting from just £10 per week, with sizes up to 250 square feet, our units are monitored with state-of-the-art security systems, ensuring that business assets are safe and secure with 24/7 access.

From the start, Sneakers Arena found a perfect match in our Managing Director, Katie. She helped tailor a storage solution within their budget, allowing for future expansion and supporting their daily operations whilst developing stock. The setup is ideal for efficiently managing orders and deliveries, ensuring their operations run smoothly. This flexibility meant that Sneakers Arena had the ability to grow according to their business needs – so much so that they have now moved into their own premises.

Here’s Lukasz from Sneakers Arena:

“From our first conversation, I knew that the Weston Centre was the right fit for Sneakers Arena!”

“…the community spirit and other e-commerce businesses also working within the centre have made this whole process an absolute pleasure.”

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