Different Types of Unit Explained

When starting a new company or expanding your existing one, getting the right premises from which to conduct your business is of paramount importance. However, it can sometimes be difficult to even find the right type of property. Do you need a commercial unit? An industrial (or light industrial) unit? Maybe a warehouse or a storage unit? Or are they the same thing?
Here at Weston Centre Spaces, we understand your problem. We ourselves have a wide variety of units for rent, with something to suit every type of local enterprise, so we get why the terminology might be confusing.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the different types of units available and the sorts of businesses that could benefit from renting them:

Commercial Units

Technically speaking, anywhere that you run your business from classes as a commercial unit, but the term usually refers to retail businesses. Whether you’re selling directly to the customer, business-to-business, or using it as a distribution centre for your e-commerce brand, a commercial unit might be just right for you.

Trade Units

Trade units (sometimes called light industrial units) tend to combine the best properties of commercial and industrial units. There is usually a trade counter where you can sell to customers, as well as an open-plan room for producing or storing your stock. These units aren’t suited to heavy industrial machinery but can easily handle light assembly work.

Industrial Units

As the name suggests, industrial units are intended for production and manufacturing rather than retail work. Generally built on a larger scale, with higher ceilings and easy access for deliveries, industrial units can house machinery and plant equipment and are easily adapted to suit your particular production needs.

Storage Units

We provide self-storage facilities for domestic and commercial customers alike. These are available in a variety of sizes to suit any kind of enterprise. Commercial storage lets you free up room at your home or place of work by storing stock, furniture, or proprietary documents in a safe environment.

Warehouse Units

You might think of warehouse units as being commercial storage units, but on a bigger scale, and you’d be right. Built to similar dimensions to an industrial unit, warehouses offer a complete storage solution, including shelving, forklift facilities, wide access for deliveries, and, of course, all the space you might need for your stock or equipment.

What Is the Best Type of Unit for Me?

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